How Does a Peaceful Sydney Lockdown Protest Impact Infringement Lawyers in NSW?

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The NSW police force continues to serve infringement notices to the people who attended and participated in a protest to remove the lockdown in Sydney days ago. As of Sunday, NSW Police Minister David Elliott confirmed that the agency has already charged 63 protest attendees while over 90 were issued with infringement notices.

Many attendees have already sought help and coordinated with the best lawyers for criminal cases in NSW. They opposed the notice and hoped that the leading criminal lawyer Sydney can help uphold their rights to a peaceful protest stated and implemented under the state’s Summary Offences Act 1988. Meanwhile, police officers argued that the notices are just as the protesters breached the state’s public health rules.

Despite criticisms and arguments from protesters, the NSW Police stand by their decision and states that the agency will never tolerate violence. The statement of the police force came after a number of them reported that protesters threw things like pot plants and plastic bottles at them during the operation.

Different Opinions on the Protest

As the protesters who received the infringement notices on Saturday immediately sought the assistance of infringement lawyers and criminal defence lawyers in the state, other residents of Sydney areas have an opposing view. Deputy Commissioner Mal Lanyon expressed his disappointment over the participants as the police force was surprised by the intensity of violence that the police experienced in the event. “That was unprecedented, that’s not Sydney, and that’s not what we expect,” he said in an interview. Other people reached out to Crime Stoppers as they were alarmed by the situation.

How Does the Situation Impact Infringement Lawyers, Lawyers for Criminal Cases and Criminal Lawyers Sydney?

As anticipated, there will be a great demand for infringement lawyers and criminal defence lawyers as many protesters are protesting the penalty issued to them by the police force. But is NSW ready for such a situation amidst the current pandemic?

Pandemic or not, the law remains unless changes or reforms are introduced in the coming days, which could be triggered by the protest. But if the Summary Offences Act 1988 is untouched, Powerhouse Law Australia is one of the best law firms in Sydney, ready to take their stand in this situation. They have excellent and outstanding criminal lawyers to help them understand the law and what the situation entails.

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