Powerhouse Law Australia is proud to be a firm that supports Legal Aid clients. If you are eligible to receive Legal Aid funding, then we can appear and defend you through Legal Aid. Call us now on 1800 100 529 to apply for Legal Aid.

Legal Aid NSW

Our local Legal Aid Office is Parramatta Legal Aid Justice Precinct; however we are able to accept legal aid cases from all offices across Sydney. This allows us to appear on your behalf at most courts in NSW and Legal Aid NSW will fund your case. Make an appointment now by calling 1800 100 529 and let apply for your case.

What is Legal Aid and How to Apply?

Legal Aid NSW is a government organisation that provides legal services to the public. It does this partly by funding private lawyers to assist socially and economically disadvantaged people across NSW in areas of criminal, family and civil law. To apply for Legal Aid, you need to complete an application form, also known as “a grant of legal aid”. A grant of legal aid means that you have been appointed a lawyer to represent you in court, either employed by Legal Aid NSW or a private lawyer paid for by Legal Aid NSW.

We can apply for Legal Aid on your behalf!

We recommend that you contact us prior to making an application for Legal Aid if you want one of our lawyers to represent you. We can assist you with application process and help you arrange supporting documents. Call us now for further information on 1800 100 529.

Nominate Powerhouse Law Australia as your Preferred Law Firm

If you are eligible to receive Legal Aid funding, then our Criminal Lawyers can appear and defend you at court. Simply nominate Chadi Irani as your preferred lawyer on the application form or let us apply for legal aid on your behalf. Contact our office today on 1800 100 529 for assistance. Chadi Irani has been appointed by Legal Aid NSW to represent clients who may be eligible for legal aid. This appointment is only granted to Criminal Lawyers who pass the selection criteria and have extensive experience, knowledge and competence in Criminal Law.

Chadi Irani holds all those skills and more. He has previously worked at a Legal Aid Office in NSW and is very familiar with the application process, the requirements, and protocols of the grant of aid. Call Chadi today and let him help you apply for Legal Aid.

Our local Legal Aid Office is Parramatta Legal Aid Justice Precinct; however we are able to accept legal aid cases from all offices across Sydney, including Bankstown, Blacktown, Burwood, Campbelltown, Sydney City, Fairfield, Liverpool, Parramatta, Penrith and Sutherland Offices.

Not Eligible for Legal Aid?

Don’t worry! We still want to help you. Contact our office and speak to one of our friendly lawyers today.

Locations of Sydney Metro Legal Aid Offices

Bankstown Legal Aid Office
Level 7, Civic Tower, 66-72 Rickard Road, Bankstown 2200
Ph: 02 97074555
Fax: 02 97086505
Blacktown Legal Aid Office
Suite 36-37, 15 Kildare Road, Blacktown 2148
Ph: 02 96214800
Fax: 02 98315597
Burwood Legal Aid Office
Level 4, 74-76 Burwood Road, Burwood 2134
Ph: 02 97476155
Fax: 02 97446936
TTY: 02 97470214
Campbelltown Legal Aid Office
Suite 1, Level 4 171-179 Queen Street, Campbelltown 2560
Ph: 02 46282922
Fax: 02 46281192
Central Sydney Legal Aid Office (Head Office)
323 Castlereagh Street, Haymarket 2000
Ph: 02 92195000
Fax: 02 92195935
TTY: 02 92195126
Fairfield Legal Aid Office
Suite 1, Level 2, 25 Smart Street, Fairfield 2165
Ph: 02 97273777
Fax: 02 97247605
Liverpool Legal Aid Office
Level 4 45-47 Scott Street, Liverpool 2170
Ph: 02 96011200
Fax: 02 96012249
Parramatta Legal Aid Office – Criminal Law
Parramatta Justice Precinct, Level 1, 160 Marsden Street, Parramatta 2150
Ph: 02 90666000
Fax: 02 90666002
TTY: 02 96877538
Parramatta Legal Aid Office – Family and Civil Law
Level 4, 128 Marsden Street, Parramatta 2150
Ph: 02 98911600
Fax: 02 96891082
Penrith Legal Aid Office
Level 4, 2-6 Station Street, Penrith 2750
Ph: 02 47323077
Fax: 02 47254655
Sutherland Legal Aid Office
Ground Floor, Endeavour House, 3-5 Stapleton Avenue, Sutherland 2232
Ph: 02 95213733
Fax: 02 95218933

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