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Have you been charged by Police with a DUI? We can help you!
Being charged with a DUI can be a very traumatic experience. For a lot of people, it is their first taste of the criminal justice system and their first time without a driver’s licence.
At Powerhouse Law Australia, we know that your driver’s licence is important to you and that sometimes good people can make bad mistakes. We want to help you get your driver’s licence back sooner!

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Penalties and Licence Disqualification Periods for DUI Charges

Click on the charges below to view the penalties and disqualification periods that apply.

  • Novice (Zero alcohol reading)
  • Special Range (over 0.02)
  • Low Range PCA (0.05 – 0.079 reading)
  • Mid Range PCA (0.08 – 0.149 reading)
  • High Range PCA (0.15 and above)
  • Refuse Breath Analysis

Click here for all other traffic law penalties and disqualification periods.

Convicted of drink driving in Sydney but permitted to drive. It’s possible!

Our lawyers have helped many clients on drink driving cases get their licence back sooner through the interlock program. An interlock program allows you to drive your car even if a Sydney court has convicted and disqualified you for driving under the influence of alcohol. Contact our lawyers to discuss your options.

The Facts

Driving drunk is a major factor in fatal crashes in NSW and contributes to about 100 deaths each year. Most crashes occur in the driver’s local area and men account for about 87% of those crashes.

The Legal Limit

  • Zero applies to all learners, Provisional 1 and Provision 2 drivers
  • 0.02 applies to taxi and bus drivers, vehicles carrying dangerous goods and heavy vehicles
  • 0.05 applies to all other drivers
  • Factors such as gender, age, body weight, size, health and liver function will affect your blood alcohol concentration (BAC)
  • The rate which alcohol is eliminated from your body varies from person to person
  • Your blood alcohol concentration will rise for up to 2 hours after drinking
  • The only thing that will sober you up is time. Food, coffee, sleep and physical activity do not assist in reducing you blood alcohol concentration to zero

Getting Home Safely After Drinking

  • Get a friend or relative to give you a lift home
  • Catch a taxi or share one with friends
  • Plan ahead and arrange overnight accommodation
  • Catch public transport or walk if your home is close by

The Effects of Alcohol

  • Makes you feel sleepy and fatigue
  • Reduces your ability to judge other cars around you, people on the road and how fast you are driving
  • Slows how the brain functions and reduces your reaction time
  • Gives you false confidence
  • Affects your balance and therefore motorcycle drivers are at greater risk of a crash

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