Appeal Licence Suspension in NSW

You have the right to appeal licence suspension in NSW. Our Traffic Lawyers know how important your drivers licence is to you. They are ready to alleviate the pressure associated with your situation and will deliver expert guidance, assistance, tactics, material, groundwork and superior court representation concentrated on successfully winning your licence appeal.

Have you received Notice of Suspension of Drivers Licence?

Our team of highly experienced Traffic Lawyers appeal licence suspensions in NSW every week and offer you:

  • Expert legal advice, 
  • Best options & support,
  • Competitive legal fees,
  • Strategies & proper preparation to win your appeal,
  • High quality court representation.

Professional Licence Suspension Appeals in NSW

The Local Court has power to determine appeals against the suspension of your driver’s licence by the RTA (RMS). Our highly experienced Traffic Lawyers can appeal your suspension in the following scenarios:

  • Exceeding the speed limit by more than 30 or 45 kilometres an hour
  • P1 or P2 provisional driver’s licence for loss of demerit points
  • Police suspension of licence (on the spot) for exceeding the speed limit by more than 45 kilometres an hour

How to Go to Court & Appeal Licence Suspensions in NSW:

Self-Representation Service

If you intend to go to court and represent yourself,  then you must use our online service to help you win a favourable result.  You can stop or reduce the suspension of your drivers licence.
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Self Rep service

Hire a Lawyer Service

If you want a traffic lawyer to represent you, then contact us now to start work on your case. We have fixed fees and specialist lawyers ready to help you quash or reduce your licence suspension at Court.
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Why its your best chance to win a favourable result:

To appeal licence suspension in nsw requires careful preparation and strong submissions in court which is why our success rate is very high. We know how to reduce your suspension and have helped thousands of clients in NSW get their driver’s licence back quicker.

Contact us now on 1800 100 529 and appeal your licence suspension.

One of our experienced Sydney traffic infringement lawyers appeal licence suspesions every week and are ready to speak with you. Alternatively, if you’d like to read more about our other legal services including drink driving and drug related offences, then please click on the provided links.

We have always adopted a unique approach when handling any of our client’s cases. Employing compassion and consideration at all times, we take the extra time to explain to our clients exactly what their options are in plain English.

We don’t believe in using complicated legal jargon, and ensure we keep our client in the loop at all times. This honesty and upfront method is one of the many reasons why the residents of Sydney entrust our lawyers for all their traffic infringement related matters.



Going to Court for a Penalty Notice by Court Election?

This is different to a drivers suspension appeal because when you elect on a penalty notice, you are choosing to have the entire offence decided by a Magistrate. You can then plead guilty or not guilty to the offence and ask for leniency.

Our team of highly experienced traffic infringement lawyers will defend you in court and formulate strategies to appeal against the penalty notice. We have a high success rate for seeking leniency at court and having the penalty notice completely dismissed. With our help, first time offenders have a greater chance of not losing their driver’s licence through the Section 10 non-conviction application or in alternative cases, a lenient penalty such as a reduced fine.

Many repeat offenders who drive on a disqualified licence tend to receive some kind of prison sentence. However, with our assistance, we can help persuade the court not to take this devastating option. Contact us now on 1800 100 529 to speak to a NSW traffic lawyer or fill in a contact form.

Want to achieve the best results now?

Meet with one of Specialist Traffic Lawyers for a free case consultation. Simply fill in the contact form or call 1800 100 529 and a Specialist Traffic Lawyer will be on contact with you straight away.

During your first consultation, we will listen to what you want, explain your case in detail, advise you on your options and make recommendations on how to assist you with your licence suspension appeal. We will also provide you with an estimate for the professional work that is needed for your case.

All first conferences are obligation free.