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Our criminal lawyers Sydney will fight for your rights and achieve the best possible court result for your case. Our Specialist Criminal lawyers have the experience and expert knowledge to help defend you in any court in Sydney. Call 24/7 to book your first free consulatation with a Specialist lawyer.

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Criminal & Traffic Law

Our criminal lawyers Sydney defend clients in complex crimes such as robbery, sexual assault or harassment, and drug supply, while also appearing at court in criminal law cases such as domestic violence assault, drug possession, drink driving and traffic law (this includes driver’s licence suspension appeals). 

We are on the Legal Aid panel which allow us to apply for Legal Aid for your criminal law case if you are eligible. Call now to hire a specialist lawyer from our Sydney firm.

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Our highly experienced Criminal defence lawyers Sydney can appeal most matters, for example refusal of bail to the Sydney Supreme Court, severity of sentences to the Court of Criminal Appeal or District Court and even the appealing the penalty notice or suspension of a drivers licence. Call us now to book a criminal law specialist for your appeal.

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Criminal Lawyers Sydney

Our Experienced Criminal Lawyers Sydney will use their extensive knowledge and experience to secure the best possible court result for you. Encountering the criminal justice system is a daunting experience if you have been charged with a crime. Whether you have come into contact with the courts before or this is your first offence, it can be confusing and frightening to navigate the complex legal system on your own.

At Powerhouse Law, our Sydney Criminal Law specialists are here to help clients effectively navigate the system and achieve the best possible outcome for their circumstances. We have access to the Legal Aid grants which allows us to apply for legal aid funding for your case. With us as your advocate, you can be confident our criminal defence lawyers will put your best case forward in courts throughout Sydney and NSW, including Parramatta, Campbelltown, Newtown, Waverly, Burwood, Penrith and Blacktown, amongst others. Our team is multi-lingual with lawyers fluent in English, Arabic, Lebanese and Hindi and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to take your enquiry.

Criminal Law Firm in Sydney

Criminal law is a complex part of the justice system and there are many mitigating elements that are taken into consideration when deciding how to apply for bail, proceed with a defence or reduce your penalty. It is strongly recommended that anyone facing criminal charges or seeking bail in Blacktown, Parramatta, Campbelltown, Burwood, Penrith, Liverpool, Cabramatta, Bankstown and in the surrounding Sydney suburbs seek advice from one of our experienced criminal defence lawyers. Our criminal solicitors Sydney will be able to explain all of your options and present your case in court in the best possible way. We represent persons on a wide range of criminal charges from sexual assault to domestic violence, drink driving and more. Contact our team of the best criminal lawyers in Sydney for assistance with 24/7 advice available by calling 1800 100 529.

Criminal Defence Lawyers

We offer advice and court representation for an extensive range of criminal offences including sexual assault and domestic violence cases, drug-related charges, false accusations and traffic law which includes traffic infringements and penalty notices. We can apply for a Legal Aid grant for your case and be your criminal lawyer for your case. Contact our Parramatta offices on 1800 100 529 to speak to our defence team of criminal lawyers Sydney or wrongful conviction lawyers about your case. We offer non-judgmental assistance and will do our absolute best to help you in all matters of criminal law.

For criminal lawyers Sydney, and Legal Aid service for Parramatta, Blacktown, Newtown, Penrith, Burwood, Campbelltown, Liverpool, Cabramatta, Bankstown and surrounding cities and have your best interests at heart, call Powerhouse Law on 1800 100 529 today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Convictions become spent after a certain period even though they appear on a person’s record. For example, in NSW, criminal convictions for non-sex offences which receive a sentence of fewer than six months imprisonment become spent after a crime-free period of ten consecutive years.

Generally, questions about your criminal history usually refer to convictions that are not spent, something that our Sydney criminal lawyers will inform you accordingly. However, it is essential to know that the police are not allowed to disclose them to anyone except the court if the person is charged again.

The Local Court in NSW is concerned with applying the sentencing procedures which consider factors like punishment, deterrence, protection of the community, rehabilitation of the offender, and recognise the harm done to the victim of the crime and the community.

Your Sydney criminal defence lawyer & solicitor will submit a favourable case on your behalf. Factors relevant to your case may include extra-curial punishment, time spent in custody, rehabilitation programs, remorse, discount for the plea of guilty and any compensation given to the victim and the community.

These are referred to as subjective features and can allow an offender to avoid imprisonment or even avoid a conviction altogether.

The burden or requirement of proof in NSW is always on the Prosecution to prove the charges beyond a reasonable doubt. That burden never changes, and the accused has no obligation to prove any fact or issue in the criminal hearing. A crucial part of Sydney's criminal law justice system is the presumption of innocence – that means that when a person is charged with a criminal offence, he/she is presumed innocent until the Prosecution has proved the case or their guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

A person's good character is admissible under section 110 of the Evidence Act. The Magistrate or judge will have to regard to accused's good character when deciding whether or not to believe if it is likely that the accused committed an offence. Your Sydney criminal defence lawyer may also use it to establish your credibility in denying the criminal offence.

The criminal law system in Sydney, NSW, is made up of legislation and cases that have been decided over hundreds of years by judges or magistrates. Those decisions have affected how the criminal law is interpreted and formed legal principles known as "common law" or "case law". When a case comes before a court, the relevant principles must be considered, and criminal law barristers should be able to present the evidence they need to support their case in line with those laws.

If you are under investigation for a criminal offence in NSW, the Police will be interested in asking you questions in an interview. You have a right to remain silence – this means you can freely refuse to answer Police questions and do not have to make a statement or interview. It is your choice. You should seek legal advice from a Criminal Lawyer before you decide whether to do an interview or answer questions.  

Sometimes doing an interview will help police strengthen their case and lead to you being charged with a crime. It will then be very difficult to defend a criminal charge in Sydney courts.  

It is also very important to remember that Police cannot say you are guilty because you refused to answer questions or do an interview. It is your fundamental legal right to choose to remain silent.  

Wigs and robes originated in England as a way to distinguish defence lawyers from other members of society. In NSW courtrooms, such as the District Court, it represents to the public and jury that all parties are equal and therefore they look the same. No discrimination, only judgment on the evidence presented. 

Barristers in Sydney District, Supreme and High Courts are required to wear wigs, robes, jackets and jabot, while their instructing solicitors car wear dark formal attire. 

In the Downing Centre Local Court, Bankstown Local Court, or Parramatta Local Court in Sydney, you wont see any wigs or robes being worn as it is not a requirement in the NSW Local Court. 

Every criminal offence begins in the Local Court of NSW and then progresses to to finality either in the Local Court, District Court or Supreme Court. The more serious criminal cases are prosecuted in the District or Supreme Court, but 90% of crimes are finalised in the Local Court. 

The Local Court jurisdiction cannot deal with Strictly Indictable criminal charges to finality but everything else can be. The Local Court in Sydney, Parramatta, Bankstown, Burwood or other suburbs deal mainly with domestic violence cases including common assault, breach of AVO, damage to property, intimidation, theft and traffic infringements, drivers licence appeals, and other minor traffic law-related charges. The Local Court is usually a lot faster than higher courts and has limits on the penalties a person can receive, such as a maximum sentence of 2 years imprisonment for a single offence. 

In NSW, rape charges, sexual assault charges that include intercourse without consent and serious sexual harassment charges are classed as ‘strictly indictable’ criminal offences with penalties between 5 – 25 years imprisonment. The NSW Legislation has enacted these laws with high penalties to bring about public deterrence of these crimes.   

When an accused person pleads not guilty before the District Court of NSW, it becomes the task of the Jury (12 members of the community) who sit on the trial of that accused person to hear and see the evidence that is being presented against them. The Jury is then empowered to be the judges of the facts and decide if they are satisfied beyond a reasonable doubt of the guilt of the accused. These proceedings that involve serious criminal offences are complex and lengthy. It is important to seek legal advice from one of our specialist criminal lawyers Sydney & sexual harassment lawyers. Book your free consultation in Sydney's best criminal law firm today by calling 1800 100 529. 

A criminal lawyer can either be a criminal barrister or a criminal solicitor in the Downing Centre Sydney courts or elsewhere in NSW. They are both legal professionals who defend you in criminal cases and can advocate on your behalf. The main difference between a Sydney criminal defence barrister and a criminal defence solicitor is the type of legal work they do on your case and the type of court the case is in.  

In Jury trials in the District Court, a barrister is usually required because they specialise in court appearances and speaking to a jury. By contrast, a solicitor who practices in criminal law in Sydney must do the preparation work, consult the client and work with your barrister to ensure everything is ready for the trial. Barristers are criminal law specialist lawyers who are trained in court advocacy and cross-examining witnesses in more complex and serious crime matters. 

In most cases in the Local Court of Sydney, Parramatta, Bankstown or Penrith, a criminal defence solicitor will work on your case from start to finish, and a barrister may not be required unless you choose to add one to the legal team. If you choose a barrister, your solicitor will then hire one for legal advice and to do the court appearances. Barristers usually do not work directly with clients unless a solicitor is involved in between.  

We have a panel of criminal law defence barristers in Sydney with decades of experience and know-how to win cases. Call Powerhouse, one of the best criminal law firms in Sydney, Australia, to hire one for your case.