Appeal Severity of Sentence

Our criminal defence lawyers fight to appeal severity of sentence cases in the District Court. They have decades of experience protecting clients with alleged assault issues. Our fully qualified staff are ready to alleviate the pressure associated with your situation and will deliver expert guidance, assistance, tactics, material, groundwork and superior court representation concentrated on successfully winning your case.

Appeal Severity of Sentence from the Local Court

If you are not happy with a decision made by a Magistrate in the Local or Children’s Court, then contact us to appeal severity of sentence. Our highly experienced Criminal Lawyers will examine your case and explain every aspect of the appeal process to you. More importantly, that lawyer will identify if there is any merit in the severity of sentence appeal and not waste your time or money. However, we have a high success rate in most matters on appeal because of our wealth of knowledge and extensive experience in this area of law.

What happens in court?

The solicitor who represents the Prosecution will give the Judge a copy of the documents used in the Local Court. This includes the charge and facts sheet, a criminal record and any documents you tendered as evidence in your case.

It will then be up to your lawyer to tender further evidence or call you or anyone else as a witness in your case. Your criminal defence lawyer will then make submissions to the Judge about why your penalty should be reduced or changed.