challenge any Traffic infringement

Here are your options on how to challenge any traffic infringement or penalty notice in NSW.

Option 1: Go to Court & Seek Leniency / Appeal the Penalty Notice

You can request to have your traffic infringement or penalty notice decided by a Magistrate in the Local Court of NSW, as long as you have not paid the fine, and within 28 days from when you received the penalty notice (or penalty reminder notice).

Option 2: Pay the Fine & Incur Demerit Points

Pay the penalty Notice and incur the demerit points. An accumulation of 13 or more demerit points will trigger a licence suspension. You can avoid this by asking for a review from Revenue NSW and/or electing to go to court to have the matter decided by a Magistrate. Most of the time, Revenue NSW will not interfere with the infringement and many people are left with paying the fine. However, a Magistrate has the power to dismiss the fine completely even after you plead guilty to the offence. See below for more details.

Here’s how to Go to Court & Save Your Licence:

Self-Representation Service

If you intend to go to court and represent yourself,  then use our online service to help you win a favourable result. You can stop the suspension of your drivers licence & keep your demerit points.
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Self Rep service

Hire a Lawyer Service

If you intend to go to court and plead not guilty, or if you want a lawyer to represent you, then contact us now to start work on your case. We have fixed fees and specialist lawyers ready to help you contest the traffic infringement at Court.

hire a lawyer

Benefits of our self-representation service:

Instant Access to WINNING Formula & Submissions Document Builder

Start by instantly creating a personalised legal submissions document to give to the Magistrate to read. This will contain the winning formula used by traffic lawyers to achieve best results and strategies for your personal case.

It’s easy – just fill in your answers online and we’ll email you the formatted document, ready to use for court. 

Helps you say less in court

This document allows you to get your story across without having to say much at court. But if you prefer to talk, we also give you a script with your answers to read.

Its affordable

Typically, a lawyer will charge you on average $1,650.00 to represent you in a case like this. You could do it yourself for a fraction of the price! No legal fees, no ongoing fees and no lawyer required – just one payment for everything you need.

It’s easy to use

Just fill in your answers online and let our online service do the rest. Your answers will automatically be typed into a professionally formatted word document (your legal submissions) and emailed to you immediately, ready to be used.

Powerful tools in one place

Create powerful and personalised legal submissions to give the Magistrate about your case. You will also get a script to read, guidelines, templates, instructions and access to videos delivered to your email, straight away. Its everything you need for court.

Save time and stress

You don’t need to search and navigate hundreds of websites to learn what to do and say at court. We give you all the resources you need in a simple and quick way. You get guides, templates, checklists and videos that tell you exactly what to do and say for your appeal.

What happens at court?

The State Debt Recovery Office (SDRO) or Revenue NSW will send you a Court Attendance Notice (CAN), and list your case in court on a date for mention. The matter is usually listed at the nearest local court to where the offence occurred.

If you intend to plead for leniency or not guilty, you should seek legal advice from our Traffic Law Specialists. We appear weekly in these type of matters and will provide you with honest advice about your case. Call now on 1800 100 529.

What are the possible outcomes at court?

After the Magistrate reads your documents and listens to anything you want to say, he/she will then exercise their power to either fine you or discharge you by dismissing the fine. Here are the likely scenarios:

Plea of Guilty & Fine Dismissed – with the help of our self-representation service or by hiring one of our lawyers, you could avoid the fine, and demerit points or suspension of your licence. This occurs when the Magistrate imposes a “Section 10” pursuant to the Crimes (Sentencing Procedure) Act 1999 (click here to read more)

Plea of Not Guilty & Found Not Guilty – In this instance, evidence is presented by the NSW Police and your lawyer will challenge that evidence. Depending on the number witnesses and legal issues, this process can become complex and you should seek legal advice immediately. If you are found not guilty after the hearing, then the fine and any demerit points will no longer apply. This usually occurs after the Magistrate has heard your case and witnesses.

Found Guilty and/or Fined – This means you will be convicted of the traffic offence, required to pay a fine and you will incur demerit points. A conviction for minor traffic offences do not appear on your criminal convictions report.


If you intend to plead NOT GUILTY and need a lawyer then book a free 15 minute tele-conference with an expert traffic lawyer. Call 1800 100 529 now.