Tougher Restrictions for Fairfield, Liverpool, Bankstown-Canterbury Local Government Areas

The latest lockdowns are having devastating affects on our personal lives, businesses, mental health and our ability to get back to normal life.

What is more devastating is that the NSW Government has now introduced new “tougher” restrictions preventing people residing in the Fairfield, Liverpool, Bankstown and Canterbury Local Government Areas (LGA) from leaving those areas for the purposes of work….the one thing that everyone needs to do to survive.

The new restrictions on work for the Fairfield, Liverpool, Bankstown-Canterbury Local Government Areas under clause 24E, Public Health Orders. Click here to read latest order.

(1) This clause applies to a person—

(a) whose principal place of residence is in—
(i) an affected area (i.e. Fairfield LGA) or
(ii) the local government areas of the City of Liverpool or Canterbury-Bankstown, or

(b) who is staying in temporary accommodation in—
(i) an affected area, or
(ii) the local government areas of the City of Liverpool or Canterbury-Bankstown.

(2) Despite clause 20, a person must not, for the purposes of work, travel outside the local government area in which the person resides or is staying.

Note 1. It is not a reasonable excuse for a person to be away from the person’s place of residence or temporary accommodation for the purposes of work.
Note 2. A list of workers (authorised workers) who are exempt from this clause is published on the NSW government website Click here to read that list.


Other important restrictions include:

Clause 24(1): Closure of Retail Premises 

1A) The Minister directs that retail premises must not be open to members of the public in Greater Sydney, except for the following retail premises—

(a) supermarkets and grocery shops, including neighbourhood supermarkets and neighbourhood shops,
(b) shops that predominantly sell food or drinks,
Example. This includes butchers, bakeries, fruit shops and delicatessens, but does not include restaurants or cafes.
(c) chemists and pharmacies,
(d) kiosks,
(e) shops that predominately sell any of the following—
(i) office supplies,
(ii) pet supplies,
(iii) newspapers, magazines and stationery,
(iv) alcohol,
(v) maternity and baby supplies,
(vi) medical or pharmaceutical supplies,
(f) food and drink premises, but only as permitted under subclause (1)(a)or (b),
(g) cellar door premises, but only as permitted under subclause (1)(e),
(h) hardware and building supplies,
(i) landscaping material supplies,
(j) rural supplies,
(k) timber yards,
(l) garden centres and plant nurseries,
(m) vehicle hire premises, not including the premises at which vehicles are sold,
(n) shops that predominately carry out repairs of mobile phones.
Note 1. Service stations, banks, post offices, laundromats and dry cleaners are not
retail premises and can remain open.
Note 2. See clause 3(2) for definitions of certain retail premises.

Clause 24AB Construction Sites: The Minister directs that work is not to be carried out on a construction site in Greater Sydney, unless the work is urgently required. .

There are more restrictions being implemented from 17 and 19 July 2021. Please access and read the full list of restrictions before deciding to leave your home.

We are always here to help. Please call 1800 100 529 if you need assistance with your interaction with NSW Police or if you have been charged with an offence.