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Speed Over 30km/h – No Loss of Licence or Points

Thank you Powerhouse lawyers for creating this online service. You made my life so much easier with the documents I was able to create and print and the script really helped me at court too. I was facing a 3 month suspension for speeding over 30km but your service helped me so much. Thank you for saving my livelihood.

Circumstances of the Case:

Our client lives in Merrylands and has his own business as a Pest Controller. He had accumulated 4 other speeding offences on his traffic record over a period of 12 years. As a Pest Controller, his ability to drive the work vehicle was very important. It carries all his equipment and tools to complete his work including machinery that weighs about 250kg. Public transport /Ubers were not an option or even physically possible.

Unfortunately, he was stopped by Highway Patrol police for speeding 36km/h over the speed limit. He was issued with a penalty notice carrying 5 demerit points, $935 fine and a 3 month loss of licence.

Our client was very stressed and worried about how he was going to provide for his wife, 3 kids and pay his mortgage if he loses his licence. He elected to take the fine to court for the Magistrate to determine but needed help preparing the case for leniency as he knew it was not a minor offence.

He used our online service and followed the step by step instructions. By using the questionnaire, he created a submissions document for the Magistrate to read as well as produced supporting evidence that proved to the Magistrate how his livelihood was about to be ruined and why he deserved a second chance. He was also grateful that he got a script to read from using our service, because he was able to use that to answer some questions the Magistrate had for him.

He found the online service simple to use and made his life very easy because it gave him everything he needed to present his case in the best possible way and seek his desired result.

The online service had saved his licence. After reading his documents and listening to what he had to say, the Magistrate had decided to discharge him without a penalty, or fine. This also meant he does not incur the demerit points or get suspended. 

Our client was very happy to be able to keep driving and run his business. He also learnt a few things about how to prepare a difficult traffic case in the best way to get results. 

Traffic Infringement: Speed over 30km/h but not more than 45km/h. Police Lidar. M4 Greystanes. David M. Pest Controller.

Use Mobile Phone While Driving – Conditional Release – No Suspension

I was on a good behaviour licence and was about to be suspended. I needed my licence for my job and used this service to help me represent myself. I followed the instructions and it worked. I got what I wanted. Thank you for your great service and for helping me save money and my job.

Circumstances of the case

Our client is a 25 year old apprentice plumber from Macquarie Park. He works for a major Plumbing company in Sydney and was on a good behaviour licence.

He visited our website and needed help with appealing a penalty notice for “use mobile phone while driving”. While on the good behaviour licence, he is not allowed to incur more than 2 demerit points, otherwise the RMS will suspend his driver’s licence for 6 months.

He was captured by a mobile phone detection camera holding his phone while driving. Our client was trying to answer a call from his boss on speaker before putting it back into the centre console. Clearly this breaks the road rules but understandably an easy mistake to make.

He was extremely worried about losing his apprenticeship because it was a condition of his job to be able to drive. He had been to a community legal center who had told him that he had no prospect of achieving any leniency at court such as a ‘Section 10’ or ‘conditional release’, which is where a person is not fined and does not get suspended despite pleading guilty of an offence.

Our client then sought our advice but couldn’t afford to pay for a lawyer. However, he used our online traffic law service and followed the winning formula it provided to him.

By using our online service, he was able to represent himself by collating an overwhelming appeal to the Magistrate about his circumstances and produced documents about his life, his employment and his wife. 

The Magistrate was initially displeased by the traffic offence and his traffic record, however after reading the compelling submissions document that was created by our online service and looking at his supporting evidence, he was persuaded to award him a ‘conditional release’ for the offence, which means that he can continue to drive. 

Traffic Infringement: Use Mobile Phone While Driving. Camera Detected at Prospect. George L. Plumber.


Speeding Fine Dismissed – No Loss of Licence

I was relieved when I came across this service as I was very stressed about my licence. My employees and customers were relying on me. The online questionnaire was very clever and helped me tell my story. Thank you powerhouse for helping me through this stressful time and for giving me what I needed.

Circumstances of the Case:

Our client lives in Sydney and works as an builder. He drives to several work sites every day, managing employees, contractors and carries equipment and heavy tools.

He was rushing from one worksite to another after receiving an emergency call about his scaffolding falling at the job. On his way, he was stopped by police for speeding 25km/h over the speed limit. He tried to explain to the police officer that it was an emergency, but the officer insisted to issue him with a speeding ticket.

Our client was now going to lose his demerit points and be suspended from driving by the RMS for 3 months. His was very stressed and worried about the impact this will have on his job, his workers and his ability to pay his mortgage and bills. He could not believe how a small mistake could cost him so much.

He wrote to Revenue NSW, who acknowledged his situation but rejected his application for leniency.

Our client then elected to go to court but didn’t know what to do. He knew it was his last chance to keep his licence and didn’t want to risk it by not being prepared.

He used our online service and discovered that it showed him exactly what to do, how to do it and what to prepare for the Magistrate to consider, in an easy way. The online service was able to help him accurately produce important information and documents attesting to his work and assistance to the community, including the ability to prove the impact of a loss of licence would have on his own life, his customers and employees.

He went to court and gave the Magistrate all the documents he had prepared by following our winning formula that he accessed through the online service. The legal submissions document and other documents that were recommended by the online service had themselves convinced the Magistrate to order a dismissal of the fine in his favour – which means he keeps his licence. This is despite the number of speeding and other traffic infringements on his driving history.

Our client was able to keep his demerit points and maintain his ability to drive which he relied upon heavily for his livelihood.

Traffic Infringement: Speed over 20km/h but not more than 30km/h. Police Lidar. Burwood. Chris H. Labourer.

Not Stop at Stop Sign – Section 10 Dismissed – No Demerit Points

Very happy with the service at Powerhouse and Save my licence website. Everything was helpful. As someone that doesn’t deal well in stressful situations it was invaluable to have a service that was clear and informative about the process and what to do. Thank you.

Circumstances of the case

Our client is 32 years old and works for FedEx. He had enough demerit points on his drivers licence but was subject to an employment contract that required him to obey all road rules.

He needed help with understanding the court process and what happens at court when you have elected to have a penalty notice decided by a Magistrate, by pleading not guilty. 

He was originally pulled over by a police officer who alleged he had not stopped at the stop sign. Our client was upset and contested the allegations with the police on the roadside. Despite this, the police officer issued a penalty notice and asked him to review the in-car video at a later time to check the allegation.

After receiving his court attendance notice, our client wanted to plead not guilty because he was sure he stopped at the stop sign as per the road rules. He contacted us and spoke to our traffic lawyer Mr Chadi Irani, who explained the law and advised him to attend the police station to watch the footage before continuing with his plea of not guilty. He did this and was disappointed to see that it showed him stopping momentarily and not enough to give way as per the legislation.  

Our client then decided to change his plea to guilty and used our online service to represent himself because he wanted to explain his story properly to the Magistrate. He was able to answer the online questionnaire with ease and provided important information that helped explain his side of the story. Those answers were populated into a submissions document that allowed the Magistrate to understand his circumstances and why he was going to court in the first place.

The Magistrate was pleased by the fact that our client had done his homework, and sought the help our services. This freed up the Magistrate to hear other matters while giving our client his day in court. The Magistrate read his documents and knew exactly what to do – Her Honour gave our client a complete dismissal even on a plead of guilty – which is like the offence never happened. 

Traffic Infringement: Not stop at stop sign/line. Police at Parramatta. Mark K. Truck Driver.


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