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“Supported me right through out the tough times”

Absolutely top class, Chadi and his team are one of the most professional and persistent solicitors I have ever come across, I was very fortunate to have met Chadi who handled my case spectacularly. His extensive knowledge of the law is miraculous not to mention the results he gets from court cases. He did not only represent me as a solicitor, but also supported me right through out the tough times I was going through, with that being said I was wrongfully accused and charged with a crime I did not commit, with all hope lost, I met Chadi who gave me hope again, his preparation and dedication he put in to my case was remarkable, he also through his professional contacts, got me a top criminal barrister who lets just say was extraordinary in handling my case, both Chadi and AJ were on top of their game come court day and they literally destroyed the prosecution’s case with all odds stacked against them, I would highly recommend him to anyone who is seeking legal advice or representation.

Criminal Law Matter – Justice Offences – No Conviction

“The level of care taken to ensure the best result”

I would like to thank Chadi and his team personally for achieving such a tremendous result for my case. Without you and your team, I am unsure I would have achieved the result we did.

I’d like to commend you on your professionalism and your ability to stay calm and composed when it mattered most. I would also commend you on your the level of dedication you and your team put into my case and the level of care taken to ensure the best result, which in the end, showed.

Your quick thinking and decision making on the day of the hearing showed me why my gut told me to go with you as my lawyer from day one. You have done me and my family a wonderful thing and I take my hat off to you and your team.

To anyone else out there thinking about choosing a lawyer to go with, there is no better then Chadi Irani! 

Criminal Law – Domestic Violence – Not Guilty after Hearing

“They jumped to the rescue straight away”

My friend was in trouble and needed help getting out of some legal trouble. He would be out of a job and wouldn’t be able to support his young family if he was charged with any criminal offence. Seeing the great reviews I rang this firm and they jumped to the rescue straight away. They helped prepare his case for him from start to finish and worked with him to secure the best result. My mate was able to keep his job and stay out of trouble! Thank you for your help!

Criminal Law Matter – Assault – No Conviction

“He made the Judge listen to the reasons”

My partner had another lawyer and got jail for breaching good behavior bonds. Chadi appealed to the District Court and prepared submissions. He made the Judge listen to the reasons behind the breaches and the Judge agreed.

He released him on exceptional grounds. Thank you Chadi for fighting for us and getting my partner out of jail. You know how to attack the case and get the results.

Multiple Larceny Charges – Appeal Allowed

“BEST I have ever dealt with”

Expect nothing but good results from Powerhouse LAW Australia and Chadi Irani, review coming from a victory today & also being supportive and assisting me through every stage through the case.
Chadi is not your average defense lawyer but the BEST i have ever dealt with.

Criminal Law – Assault – Not Guilty after Hearing

“Professional service and friendly attitude”

Thanks so much Chadi – If you need any legal representation he is the one to see. Professional service and friendly attitude he provided at such short notice as well. I can’t say anything negative about Chadi (powerhouse law) honestly just outstanding. Oh and the office is really nice . 😊

Criminal Law – Possess Prohibited Drugs – Dismissed – No Penalty – Section 10

“Best lawyers in Sydney”

I was charged with affray and didn’t know what to do. Chadi and his team started work on my case straight away and did a subpoena on police.

Chadi took the time to listen to what happened and was able to question the witnesses as to the truth. The subpoena showed how they lied and exposed the differences with the case. Chadi was smart in how he attacked the case and was able to do all this because he wanted to win…and we did win!

I would like to say a huge thank you to Chadi and his team, you are the best lawyers in Sydney and I cant thank you enough.

If you are looking for a hard working team of lawyers who care about your life, then call these lawyers, you wont be disappointed.

Criminal Law – Affray – Not Guilty after Hearing

“Powerhouse Law are traffic Specialists”

After being fined for 30kmh over the speed on the M5 I was not aware this carried an automatic suspension of license for three months. As a sole trader in a struggling business and carer for my father the thought of three months off the road was certain doom for remuneration from self employment. I contacted three solicitors in Traffic Law and was informed there is no leniency and unlikely to succeed.
I then contacted Powerhouse Law Solicitors in Parramatta and headed in for an appointment. Powerhouse Law gave me a list of things I must do. These guys are Professionals and if you have any hope of getting reduced suspension I cannot recommend more highly.
Chadi represented me and the end result was no suspension of licence at all. Powerhouse Law are traffic Specialists. Well done guys. I am most grateful for their sincere help and professionalism.

Licence Suspension 30km/h– Suspension Appeal Allowed 

“He will fight for you right to the end”

CHADI IRANI – A smart and intelligent man when it comes to appeals! I can not thank him enough for the time and effort he has put into my case.  My first meeting with him, he took my case on straight away and assured me he would help me anyway possible. And that! He did! My family and I are filled with happiness and relief with the out come and winning my case, also are grateful and thankful to have met Chadi. I would recommend him to anyone who are in need of help when it comes to situations of court matters. The out come was more than I could have imagined. He is a legend. He will fight for you right to the end. Endless thank you Chadi, I appreciate everything you have done to help me. God Bless You.

Serious Assault – Section 10 Dismissed

“Professionalism, empathy…& a winning attitude”

I wish to express my gratitude to Chadi for winning my appeal at The Sydney Downing Centre for common assault charges. I was the victim of a same sex domestic violence situation, stood up for my self to the abuser and suffered the consequences of my reactive behaviour. In the laws eyes, I was the criminal and bad person and a criminal record would have meant death row for my employment. I was given a section 10, no criminal record and no bond. Mr. Irani displayed high professionalism, empathy, understanding, tact and a winning attitude. I had a good feeling from the moment I met him that he would fight for me, and would not take no as a final answer in his approach on the stand in front of the Judge. I would recommend Mr. Irani to everyone.

Assault – Section 10 Dismissed

“We won the trial”

I had 9 charges of sexual assault against me. It was horrible allegations fabricated by my ex-partner and her daughter. Chadi Irani took my case and allocated a Barrister for me. He worked very hard and spent days preparing my case before the Jury in Sydney District Court.

Chadi and the Barrister formed a very strong team and after 12 long days, we won the trial. Chadi was very understanding, supportive and took the time to listen.

Thank you Chadi for helping me, I am forever grateful.

Sexual Assault – Acquitted of ALL Charges

“He genuinely wanted to help me”

I had a case that was very last minute (hearing was the following day). Mum and I decided to contact Powerhouse Law and was recommended to Chadi. Chadi’s professionalism and talent shined through while dealing with my case. Despite everything being last minute and in such short notice, he was able to help me gather all documentation and provide me advice required for my case which lead to win my case. I felt that he genuinely wanted to help me and did the best that he could with the limited time we had. I definitely would recommend him to anyone. I am really thankful to have him to deal with my case. Thanks again Chadi

Possession of Stolen Property – Section 10 Dismissed

“Such an amazing lawyer”

Literally just got out of court, 18 months jail has been suspended, all thanks to our lawyer Chadi Irani at Powerhouse lawyers, you have been such an amazing lawyer, have been there for us every single step of the way would highly recommend Powerhouse Law.

Indecent Assault x2 – Sentence Suspended

“I could not believe it, he got me a Section 10”

I want to thank Mr Chadi Irani for presenting my case in the best possible way. The Magistrate was very impressed when she said “this is how a plea should be done”. I could not believe it, he got me a Section 10 discharge which meant I would not have a criminal record against me. This was very important for me to travel overseas for my business and to earn a living

Assault (Domestic Violence) – Section 10 Dismissed

“Rolls Royce of defence attorneys”

Thank you Chadi for all your assistance and support during my court case. I found you to be very skilled and professional and your friendly nature reassuring.

You kept me relaxed and calm throughout a very stressful and emotional experience. So much so that I was able to present my case in a manner that reflected the occasion. Please know I would highly recommend, not only Powerhouse Law generally but, you specifically as the “Rolls Royce” of defence attorneys.

Again, I cannot thank you enough and I wish you all the best for future.

District Court Jury Trial – Acquitted of ALL Charges

“Turning it around and winning”

I want to express my thanks to Chadi and the team at Powerhouse law. I was facing a serious charge of assault based on allegations by a witness who was clearly hostile towards me but who very cleverly presented a seamless account of my alleged crime. The prosecution were unremitting in their pursuit of a conviction. This is where the skill and dedication of Chadi came to the fore. Chadi very capable and methodically cross examined the so called eye witness’s story, countered the prosecution’s arguments and showed the flaws in the story to the magistrate, leading to a finding of not guilty. I am very grateful to Chadi for turning it around and winning. The team at Powerhouse law gave me confidence due to their strong advocacy on my behalf. Thanks again Chadi and team.

Assault – Charges Dismissed

“So happy with the result”

I went to another lawyer who worked for a big firm in the city and didn’t get the result I wanted. Then I saw Chadi who took on my case and did an appeal before the Judge at the district court. Chadi was honest and upfront and spent hours preparing the case with me and my family. On the day at court I was very nervous but Chadi was able to calm me down and help me understand what was happening. I was amazed with how he spoke to the Judge and persuaded him to give me a section 10. I couldn’t believe it and was so happy with the result.
I would strongly recommend Chadi to represent you in any legal matter.

Damage Property $10,000 – Section 10 Dismissed

“I would definitely recommend Chadi”

My experience with Chadi Irani from Powerhouse Law was great. He is very professional and clear about what was necessary for my DUI case. This made it particularly helpful considering I’m already dealing with a lot of stress and anxiety from the charge.

He was upfront about what the potential outcomes were, and he ended up being spot on. I would definitely recommend Chadi to others needing representation.

Drink Driving Mid Range – Min Disqualification – Fine Only

Criminal and Traffic Law is what we do best, having practiced these areas of law for many years. When compared to other law firms, we have a superior level of knowledge and experience which allows us to achieve the best results for each client. General practitioners who practice and juggle several different areas of law will usually have less time, experience and knowledge in the fields of Criminal and Traffic law.
We have an Accredited Specialist lawyer that has been recognised by the NSW Law Society as an expert in the area of Criminal Law. Only the very best lawyers are certified as Accredited Specialists by the NSW Law Society.