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NSW Law Reform Commission Introduces Changes in Affirmative Consent Laws

NSW Law Reform Commission

Image by Inactive_account_ID_249 from Pixabay The New South Wales Law Reform Commission (LRC) has stirred the public once again with the reforms in the state’s sexual consent laws. Among the reforms that NSW residents expect is the introduction of affirmative consent in the sexual assault laws. Changes to the law were triggered by the sexual assault case filed […]

Explaining Domestic Violence and Common Assault(s) in Relationships

Domestic violence is often talked about in our society and on the news – but what does it look like in a legal sense? Here is a basic overview of how domestic violence and assault in relationships are categorised by the law. What is domestic violence? Domestic violence in NSW law is classified as an […]

What is Sexual Assault? Part 2

In Part 1 we explored the basic definitions of sexual assault as understood in our community. Part 2 will cover classifications of sexual assault under the law. We will look at how sexual assault is defined under the law, the importance of consent, and the five main sexual assault offences. Defining sexual assault under the […]

What is Sexual Assault? Part 1

Sexual assault is a broad term which can be used to describe many different types of unwanted or abusive sexual encounters. It is important to understand that this term is not only for severe actions such as rape and can be applied to many other situations. Part 1 of this topic is designed to cover […]