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4 Important Questions to Ask Your Criminal Lawyer

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Being arrested can be a terrifying experience. Just because charges are filed, doesn’t mean that you are guilty. You have the right to defend yourself. This is why you should get the assistance of an experienced criminal lawyer who can take care of things for you. It is important that you discuss with your criminal […]

How a Criminal Record Can Impact Your Life

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After all, we are humans, and we tend to make mistakes, don’t we? That said, some mistakes can end up in legal troubles, especially when we commit a crime. A criminal record is an offence against the state laws, which means breaking the law. Being charged with a criminal record can result in a criminal […]

Best Lawyers in Sydney React to Right to Silence Reforms


One of the fundamental rights of a person who is suspected of being involved in a certain crime is the right to silence. Popularly known to people as the right to remain silent, everyone has the right to stay silent or not answer questions asked by the police or any interviewer in an informal setting. […]

NSW Law Reform Commission Introduces Changes in Affirmative Consent Laws

NSW Law Reform Commission

Image by Inactive_account_ID_249 from Pixabay The New South Wales Law Reform Commission (LRC) has stirred the public once again with the reforms in the state’s sexual consent laws. Among the reforms that NSW residents expect is the introduction of affirmative consent in the sexual assault laws. Changes to the law were triggered by the sexual assault case filed […]