Significance of Remaining Silent When Charged With a Criminal Offence

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Do you know remaining silent is one of your fundamental legal rights when charged with a criminal offence and arrested? Yes! Although most people are aware of these rights, many don’t remain silent. Of course, it’s human nature to defend oneself. In fact, many can’t resist explaining themselves when confronted by police.

We, lawyers for criminal cases, understand the need to defend oneself and the urge to confess the truth. But, the police are aware of this, and they will try to take advantage of it. Your statement to the police is important, and it can remain forever. Even if the statement is changed later on, it will be used against you. That’s why you need to remain silent.

Never talk to the police, especially if you’re the suspect of a crime without the presence of a criminal lawyer Australia.

Why Is It Important to Remain Silent?

See, it’s never a good idea to waive your rights and speak to the police when you are arrested. This is because the police aren’t really on your side. When you’re the prime suspect in a particular crime, police will try to build a case against you. Often, police will say that there are two sides to every story, and they are trying to get yours too. But, remember, you’re not in their best interest. They will pretend to be on your side and protect your rights. They will trick you and try to get answers from you which aren’t actually in your favour. In fact, what you are doing is giving them evidence to use against you.

We have seen many people sentenced and go to jail who never have been convicted of anything before. If they had just remained silent when they were detained and not agreed to speak without the presence of a criminal lawyer Australia, they wouldn’t have suffered.

Any evidence collected at the crime scene is still accountable and whatever you say is also admissible. Unfortunately, many don’t remain silent and provide police officers with more information in order to tell their stories and defend themselves. Police officers will promise that they won’t charge against you if you tell the truth. But that will never happen.

If you remain silent, it will help your criminal lawyer to develop an effective strategy to reduce your sentence or have your case dismissed.

Therefore, if you think you are a suspect in a crime, innocent or perhaps you’ve got nothing to hide, please don’t say anything to the police officers without the presence of a lawyer.

For more information about your right to remain silent, speak to your lawyer. Whether you are looking for criminal or traffic infringement lawyers, please contact our law firm today.