Go to Court & Save Your Driver’s Licence!

Stop a Penalty Notice from triggering demerit points or the suspension of your driver’s licence. It’s EASY, QUICK & AFFORDABLE 
without hiring a lawyer!

Why It’s Your Best Chance of a Favourable Result

By going to court, you could:

  • Explain your story to the Magistrate
  • Avoid demerit points
  • Stop the suspension of your driver’s licence
  • Have the penalty notice & fine waived completely 
  • Reduce the amount of the fine
  • Save time, save stress and save lots of money by doing it yourself. 

How We Help You Save Your Licence!

Don’t be one of the thousands of self represented defendants who don’t know what to say or do. 

Our online service will give you all the resources to help you save your drivers licence, without the need to hire a lawyer. The best part is, we’ve done all the hard work so you can also SAVE time, SAVE stress & SAVE lots of money in the process. Here’s how it works…..

1. Create Your Own Legal Submissions Document, Online!

Create a custom made document that contains powerful and important information about your plea for leniency. This document is commonly referred to by lawyers as “legal submissions” and used at court to seek favourable results.

It’s easy with our help! Our online service will automatically format your answers into a legal submissions document and email them to you, ready to be used at court.

It’s your voice in court! Most clients prefer not to talk in court, which is why our submissions document is perfect for court. But if you prefer to talk, we will also give you a script to read yourself. It’s completely up to you.

2. Get Prepared, Properly 

To make sure you are properly prepared, you will also receive: 

Guidelines, a template & instructions on how to gather & write character references. These will make a big difference to your appeal.

Checklist to guide you through the preparation process to ensure you don’t miss anything; and 

Videos to access and watch at anytime about what to do and not do at court.

3. Go to Court, Confidently

By the time of your court date, you will be ready and confident to present a powerful appeal aimed at saving your drivers licence. Every element of our service has been specifically designed by expert traffic lawyers to give you the best chance of a favourable outcome. All you have to do is go to court and give your documents to the Magistrate.

What happens at court?

After you have elected to go to court, Revenue NSW will send you a Court Attendance Notice (CAN), and list your case in court. The matter is usually listed at the nearest local court to where the offence occurred. Here are some of the main options…

Plea of Guilty & Penalty Dismissed

You will avoid any fine, demerit points and stop the suspension of your drivers licence once the Magistrate gives you a “dismissal” or “non-conviction” order. Our online service is designed to help you seek this favourable outcome.

Plea of Not Guilty & Found Not Guilty

This usually occurs after the Magistrate has heard and seen the evidence in the police and the defence case. Depending on the number witnesses & legal issues, this process can become complex & you should hire one of our expert traffic lawyers to represent you. 

Plea of Guilty & Fined

This means you will be required to pay a fine & incur the demerit points. If you are dissatisfied with this result, you can then appeal to the District Court and seek leniency again.

Examples of traffic offences or infringements that you can appeal to the Court for leniency include: Use mobile phone while driving, speeding tickets, not stop at stop line or sign, proceed through red light, parking tickets, low range drink driving (PCA alcohol), not display P plates etc… 

Please note – when you elect to go to court, you don’t pay an application fee, however you need to know that the court has the power to give you a higher fine than the one you originally received and can order that you pay other costs. For more information, click here to read about costs in fine cases.

Need More Help?

If you intend to plead NOT GUILTY and need a lawyer, or need more help when representing yourself, then book a free 15 minute tele-conference with an expert traffic lawyer.