Got to Court on any traffic infringement & win! No lawyer required.

Our online service gives you everything you need to stop demerit points & the suspension your licence. It’s easy, quick & affordable to win at court.


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It’s your BEST chance to WIN a favourable result

Our online service is designed by lawyers to take any traffic fine to court & win. We help you: 

> Represent yourself in the best way to win a favourable result.

> Stop demerit points or the suspension of your driver’s licence by proving your case.

> Deliver the right information to the Magistrate to have the penalty notice completely dismissed.

> Explain your story to the Magistrate in a powerful and professional way.

> Reduce the amount of the fine by showing the Magistrate your evidence.

> Save time, save stress and save lots of money by successfully representing yourself. 

“Don’t be one of the thousands of self represented defendants who are not prepared & don’t know what to say or do.”

When you go to court and represent yourself for a traffic charge or penalty notice, you must have the right documents and know what to say and do.

This online service gives you everything you need to successfully appeal your penalty notice INCLUDING the winning formula used by traffic lawyers to seek favourable results. 

It’s the best way to represent yourself and stop demerit points or the suspension of your drivers licence!

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How to Represent Yourself & Win 

Here’s how our online service works to help you win at court…

1. Instant Access to WINNING Formula & Submissions Document Builder

Start by instantly creating a personalised legal submissions document to give to the Magistrate to read. This will contain the winning formula and presents your case in the best way.

It’s easy – just fill in your answers online and we’ll email you the formatted document, ready to use for court. 

+ Helps you say less in court. 

This document allows you to get your story across without having to say much at court. But if you prefer to talk, we also give you a script with your answers to read.

2. Tools for Success are Included  

We also give you proven strategies, guidelines for success, a character reference template & step-by-step instructions to strengthen your case. 

Training videos are also included to help you understand what happens at court. It’s everything you need to represent yourself in the best way, all in one place.

3. Ready for Court

By the time of your court date, you will be ready to present a powerful appeal. All you have to do is go to court & give your documents to the Magistrate. 

It’s easy, quick and affordable!

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What our clients are saying…

“I got what I wanted”

I was on a good behaviour licence and was about to be suspended. I needed my licence for my job and used this service to help me represent myself. I followed the instructions and it worked. I got what I wanted.
Thank you for your great service and for helping me save money and my job.
George S. / Plumber 

“I was the best prepared at court”

Its was my first time going to court and I just needed help with what to prepare and do. This service was fantastic. Everything was given to me, it was automated and quick and I created the documents which are so good by the way. I was the best prepared at court which helped the magistrate give me a dismissal for my speeding fine.

Amber L. / Hairdresser 

Need More Help?

If you intend to plead NOT GUILTY and need a lawyer, or need more help when representing yourself, then book a free 15 minute tele-conference with an expert traffic lawyer. 

For more information about going to court for a traffic fine, visit our traffic law page or read our latest blog.


You can take almost any traffic infringement to court to have it decided by a Magistrate. You can plead either guilty or not guilty and present a case accordingly. Examples of traffic infringements include:

  • Use mobile phone while driving 
  • Speeding 
  • Low range drink driving
  • Drive with illicit drug present in oral fluid/blood/urine - 1st Off
  • Negligent Driving
  • Not stop at stop sign or line
  • Proceed through red traffic light (camera detected)
  • Use unregistered vehicle on road/area
  • Not give way to vehicle 
  • Drive with passenger older than 4 yrs but less than 7 yrs not restrained
  • And much more. Note: If you go to court, the court can give you a higher fine than the one you originally received. You may also have to pay some other fees. For more information, see Costs in fine cases.