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Next steps:

  1. Purchase our Online Services Pack for $99.
  2. Start creating your personalised legal submissions document, online. 
  3. Receive an email with your legal submissions document, guidelines, template, instructions, checklists & videos.
  4. Go to court, confidently.

Get everything you need for $99:

  1. Instant access to online portal.
  2. Step-by-step questionnaire to build your submissions with examples, suggestions & powerful information.
  3. Formatting & review of your submissions document.
  4. Templates & examples.
  5. Important guidelines & checklists for court.
  6. How to win strategies built into the submissions document.
  7. Videos to watch to help you know what to say & do at court.
  8. Immediate delivery of your legal submissions document and all elements of this service pack to your email.
  9. Everything you need to successfully represent yourself checklist.
  10. The Powerhouse Guarantee with Customer Support.

Key benefits:

It works!

This online service gives you the best chance of winning a favourable result. It has helped clients across NSW save their licence.

You don’t have to talk in court!

Your personalised legal submissions document will do all the work for you. It allows you to get your story across without having to talk in court.

Its affordable!

Typically, a lawyer will charge you at least $1,650.00 to represent you in a case like this. You could do it yourself for a fraction of the price! No legal fees, no ongoing fees and no lawyer required – just one payment for everything you need.

It’s easy to use!

Just fill in your answers online and let our online service do the rest. Your answers will automatically be typed into a professionally formatted word document (your legal submissions) and emailed to you immediately, ready to be used.

Gets you Organised for Court!

You get guides, templates, checklists and videos that tell you exactly what say and do for your drivers licence appeal. It’s everything you need to properly prepare your traffic case for a favourable outcome.

Save time and stress!

You don’t need to search and navigate hundreds of websites to learn what to do and say at court. We give you all the resources you need in a simple and quick way.

Access a Traffic Lawyer 24/7!

Our priority is to help you! This online service is backed by experienced traffic lawyers that have tested, tried and used this method to seek desired results. We guarantee that this service and its documents will be easy to use, simple to follow and your best possible chance to prepare a powerhouse appeal. If you have any questions or concerns we are always here to help. Just reach out to our team by calling 1800 100 529.

What our clients are saying…

Why appeal with our online service?

Expert traffic lawyers with decades of experience have created this service pack.

The local court hears 1000’s of traffic cases each year. This online service will get you organised and ready to save your licence. The Magistrate will be impressed with the quality of your case.

Its your best chance for a favourable result.

You could stop the suspension of your drivers licence or avoid any more demerit points.

Legal Submissions Document Builder / Questionnaire Time

The online portal gives you instant access to the legal submissions document builder. Most people create their submissions document in about 15-20 minutes, depending on their personal case. You can start, amend and go back to your answers before you complete the document.

Final Format

At the end, you will receive a word document that you can edit, print and change at any time. This document will be recognised by the Magistrate as your legal submissions for the appeal.

The guidelines and template, instructions and checklists are yours to keep. The template in an editable Word document that you can distribute and use.

The videos are less than 5 minutes each and can be watched at any time….as many times as you like.

Everything you need to save your licence 

No legal fees – No ongoing fees – No lawyer required! Just one payment of $99 gets you everything you need to successfully represent yourself at court.