Chadi Irani

Principal Solicitor & Director

Accredited Specialist in Criminal Law

Chadi Irani is the Director and Principal Lawyer of Powerhouse Law Australia. The Law Society of NSW has recognised Chadi’s superior experience and expertise in Criminal Law by appointing him as an Accredited Specialist in that field. This places him in the top 10% of Criminal Lawyers in the state. Chadi is passionate about helping others and giving superior legal assistance to those in need.

Over 14 Years Experience in Criminal Law

Chadi has over 14 years experience representing clients in criminal and traffic law cases and began his career by working for one of Sydney’s leading specialist Criminal Law firms.

Chadi was invited to join the state’s largest Criminal Defence Law Organisations – Legal Aid NSW. As a Criminal Defence Lawyer, Chadi defended some of the state’s most disadvantaged clients and appeared at Court everyday in cases involving theft, fraud, domestic violence and assaults, property damage, supply or cultivate prohibited drugs, drink driving and much more.

Chadi’s unique knowledge and enthusiasm, coupled with his great results have made him a highly sought after lawyer in the community.

Knows Both Sides of the Law

Chadi knows both sides of the law – the prosecution and the defence. Chadi has previously worked for the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP). This now gives his clients an invaluable and distinct advantage in the court room because he is able to predict the prosecutions next move and be ready for it.

When Chadi worked as a Senior Prosecutor at the DPP, he was overlooking some of the state’s biggest cases involving drugs, robbery, sexual assault, weapons and more. Chadi is now one of the few lawyers in NSW practising with the knowledge of both the prosecution and the defence side of criminal law.

Important Strengths


Chadi can reconfigure factual information or data in ways that reveal trends, raise issues, identify opportunities, or offer solutions. He has an inventive mind that generates more possibilities to help win cases by drafting detailed proposals, alternatives, or tactics for the criminal case. He is known to  see solutions before other people know there is a problem and starts formulating answers before other lawyers, prosecutors or witnesses can understand the question. 

Results Driven

Chadi is enthusiastic about what he can achieve for his clients. He sets his sights on being accomplished and successful and is driven by court results. Bringing his ideas to the case is an exciting proposition for him as well as the power to transform a problem into tangible outcome. He is known to be a visionary thinker with sharp ideas about the future by spending time preparing and planning cases.

Before Chadi commenced his career in law, he worked as a Business Marketing Executive for two multi-million dollar companies. At those companies, Chadi formulated strategies which achieved unprecedented sales results.

Chadi says “great results are achieved with great strategy”. Chadi now applies this approach in all his law cases. Chadi knows the law, the Magistrates, the Judges and the Prosecution. He makes strong arguments, submissions and formulates the best strategies for Court. He will thoroughly prepare each case and give honest and truthful advice, but most importantly, he will get the results!


Chadi is consistently measuring up to high expectations when working, studying, or fighting for clients in court. By nature, he has other lawyers, colleagues and clients who frequently seek his guidance to help them find answers to their personal and professional problems. Chadi is skillful at sorting through facts to discover the inner workings of intricate processes, regulations, programs, or action plans.

People rely on him to break complicated things into their basic parts. They trust him to present the information they need in an easy-to-understand manner. He embodies the adage: “If you want to get something done, ask a busy person.” Chadi knows how to deliver peak performances when he tackles a criminal law case because he achieves satisfaction each time he wins a case.


Chadi brings a keen awareness about human behavior to the office and the courtroom. He has the ability to tune in to what individuals are thinking and feeling minute by minute. These insights make him a better lawyer who can explain things in a simple way. Because of this strength, he routinely has insights into what individuals are thinking and feeling. His awareness of what is and is not said prompts people to come to him for help because they have a story to tell. Frequently they need to vent their frustrations. Often they want to
test theories and plans. Chadi honors the natural desire of human beings to be heard without interruption.

Instinctively, he is sympathetic to the feelings of others and can awaken individuals to their talents. Chadi knows how to listen and recognizes that people feel most visible and valued when another human being puts everything aside to hear what they have to say. This causes many individuals to think, “Finally, someone understands me!”


Chadi automatically thinks of new and different ways to do things and win cases. His mind is
brimming with ideas and is eager to share them with his clients. By nature, he welcomes opportunities to understand people one by one and carefully examines each person’s case, as well as their strengths, shortcomings, character, and history. This enables him to draw conclusions and make judgments about how to win the case.

Because of his strengths, Chadi regards himself as logical and reasonable. He knows how to reduce stress and breaks down barriers, cases, processes, proposals, ideas, or formulas to their basic parts. He will tell you why the case will or will not function the way the prosecution think it should.

Professional Qualifications and Certifications:

  • Admitted, High Court of Australia
  • Admitted, Supreme Court of NSW
  • Accredited Specialist in Criminal Law
  • Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice
  • Bachelor of Laws
  • Bachelor of Business (Marketing)
  • Member of the NSW Law Society
  • Member of the NSW Council for Civil Liberties 
  • Specially appointed to the NSW Legal Aid Serious Crime Panel
  • Appointment to the NSW Legal Aid General Crime Panel
  • Magistrate for the NSW Law Society Mock Trial Competition
  • Judge for the Macquarie University Law Society Competition
  • Public Speaker at NSW High Schools


  • English 
  • Arabic, Lebanese Speaking Lawyer


“I could not believe it, he got me a Section 10”

I want to thank Mr Chadi Irani for presenting my case in the best possible way. The Magistrate was very impressed when she said “this is how a plea should be done”. I could not believe it, he got me a Section 10 discharge which meant I would not have a criminal record…read more

“He will fight for you right to the end”

CHADI IRANI – A smart and intelligent man when it comes to appeals! I can not thank him enough for the time and effort he has put into my case.My first meeting with him, he took my case on straight away and assured me he would help me anyway possible. And that! He did! My family and I are filled with happiness and relief with the out come and winning my case, also are grateful and thankful to have met Chadi. I would recommend him to anyone who are in need of help when it comes to situations of court matters. The out come was more than I could have imagined. He is a legend. He will fight for you right to the end. Endless thank you Chadi, I appreciate everything you have done to help me. God Bless You.
read more