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What Is The Law Around Using Your Mobile Phone While Driving in NSW

Although we use our mobile phones to organize our daily lives, their use by people who are driving is governed by a wide range of laws as described in NSW Road Rules 2014. This is because comprehensive research has found that people who do so are approximately four times more likely to have a crash. […]

The law on false accusations in New South Wales

The law in New South Wales, much like the rest of Australia, is designed to help society work effectively, protect people from harm and uphold rights and obligations. It’s far from perfect, but the judicial system works every day to uphold a sense of justice for everyone. The criminal legal process is often set in […]

How to challenge a traffic offence in NSW

Traffic and vehicle regulatory offences are the most common criminal cases heard in Australian courts, making up 34% of all offences in the 2019/20 financial year. Tens of thousands of these occur in New South Wales with infringements including littering, speeding, using your phone while driving, running a red light or parking illegally. If you […]

5 Traffic Offences You Don’t Know You’re Committing

Whether you’re a seasoned driver or still on your P plates, it’s pretty easy to grasp the basics of driving. Stop at red lights, stay under the speed limit, wear a seatbelt, don’t drink and drive – how hard can it be? The truth is that while the majority of us are aware of the most […]

What are my rights if I am arrested in NSW?

Arrest is a concept most of us experience more on the big screen than anywhere else, and it’s easy to fall for common misconceptions about what’s involved. But if you are ever arrested, it’s important to understand what to expect and the rights you have under the law. The law in New South Wales on […]

What Happens If You Are Caught with Drugs in NSW?

Despite the popularity of many drugs in movies and TV shows, there are many which are considered harmful and therefore – illegal. If you are caught with illicit drugs in NSW, what happens next? Here is a basic overview of the current drug laws. Illegal drugs and drug offences in NSW Not all drugs are […]

Is Drink Driving a Criminal Offence in NSW?

As the holiday season approaches, many of us will be out enjoying festivities and having a drink or two. We all understand that drink driving is dangerous, but we are also all capable of mistakes. To help you understand the legal side of drink driving in NSW, we’ve answered the common questions – such as […]

4 Common Myths About Sexual Assault

Sexual assault law is a complex area within NSW, and it requires an experienced lawyer to provide detailed advice on any individual case. There are, however, some common themes that come up with non-legal experts. Here are 4 common myths around sexual assault which are not true. Myth 1: Many sexual assault claims are false […]

Medicinal Cannabis: Is It Legal in NSW?

In recent years, a growing set of studies have suggested that cannabis (colloquially marijuana) may have medicinal benefits. Research is ongoing and there is still much to learn about long-term side effects however, the Therapeutic Goods Association (TGA) have tentatively accepted medicinal cannabis in Australia. Here’s the important details to know around medicinal cannabis and […]

How Common Are False Sexual Assault Claims?

A sexual assault allegation is very serious matter, so why would a person make a false one? In this blog, we explore how common false sexual assault claims are and why they may be overreported. We’ll also look at why it’s important to recognise when a claim is false, and what consequences a person may […]