Experienced Arabic Speaking Lawyers in Sydney

With years of experience representing multicultural clients throughout Sydney and NSW, Powerhouse Law should be the team you trust with your criminal or traffic case. Our team of criminal lawyers includes Arabic speaking lawyers, or Lebanese. We pride ourselves on our competitive legal fees and offer a free first consultation to ensure all persons have access to the professional legal advice they deserve. Read an overview of some of the main criminal offences our team assist with.

First and foremost, we believe in providing compassionate legal assistance. As long-serving criminal lawyers, we understand how dismaying and embarrassing it can be to be accused of any crime. We spend time getting to understand the ins and outs of your case and offer skilled legal advice without judgement. If you require emergency legal assistance, we are available 24/7 on 1800 100 529.

A multi-lingual team of criminal lawyers

No matter which language we’re providing legal advice in, we don’t believe in using complex legal jargon that confuses our clients. We focus on upfront, honest and simple advice that helps our clients to understand their case and the best steps forward. Our professional team includes Lebanese speaking lawyers, English, Arabic and Hindi. Our primary areas of expertise are criminal law with experience handling cases regarding drug importation, drug possession and supply, drug manufacturing,  sexual assault, domestic violence, drink driving and many other areas. We also frequently represent clients in Sydney for appeals and bail applications. If you require the assistance of a qualified, compassionate Spanish speaking lawyer (abogado), reach out to the team at Powerhouse Law.

Seek qualified advice from Arabic speaking lawyers

Highly experienced Arabic criminal lawyers are available in Sydney at Powerhouse Law. For 24/7 legal assistance, call us on 1800 100 529. To book your first free consultation, submit your details online.