Hire Your Lawyer Now & Pay Later!

What is QuickFee

Our firm has partnered with QuickFee and Splitit to provide you with a monthly payment option. While we remain your legal service provider, the payment method is provided by QuickFee, a specialist payments provider for professional firms.

QuickFee Instalments is an alternative to traditional financing that will make it easier to control your cash flow. Using advanced payment technology, they can split your legal bill into 4 easy, monthly payments on your existing Mastercard, AMEX or Visa credit card, interest free.

You only pay the first instalment after your application is processed; the rest will be charged to your credit card each month.

Its an easy alternative to financing because you can use your favourite credit card to make automatic monthly payments. No need for lengthy applications, approvals, or credit checks: Just 4 simple payments over time.

How It Works

You can use QuickFee to split your legal bill into 4 monthly payments on Visa, Mastercard or AMEX, at zero interest.

Step 1: Choose QuickFee Instalments at our office as a method of payment.

Step 2: Fill in your payment details using the QR code or click here to apply.

Step 3: QuickFee Instalments pre-authorises your credit card payments and pays your lawyer. 

Step 4: You pay in 4 monthly instalments!

How does the pre-authorisation instalments work? 

QuickFee Instalments works by pre-authorising the total on your credit limit and then splitting your bill into 4 equal instalments.

The entire amount is held in reserve on your credit card to ensure payment, the card is only charged for the 1st month’s instalment.

Instalment payments will be charged monthly to your credit card. The credit line hold will be reduced monthly by the same amount.

The credit card bill will only show each instalment as it is made, the remaining amount on hold will not show as a debt. Any interest charged by your card issuer is only calculated on actual charged amounts.

That means your card will only be charged for 1/4 of the balance each month, with no monthly interest charged and no impact on your credit score.

The picture shows a sample invoice. It is used for illustration purposes only and is not a fee example from any law firm.

Is this a loan?

No, this is not a financing or lending product. That’s why we don’t need credit checks, applications or approvals!

Can I split payments across multiple cards?

Yes. We can take 2 credit cards and create 2 payment plans to cover the full amount.

What cards can I use?

We accept Mastercard, AMEX and Visa credit cards.

Is there a limit on how much I can charge?

We limit transactions to $20,000, however the amount you can charge depends on the funds available on your credit cards.

Can I pay off my plan early?

Yes. This option is always available on the Instalments portal, or you can contact customer care for assistance. There are no penalties for early payoff.

Do I ever have to pay full interest charges on my purchases?

No. When you make a purchase with QuickFee Instalments, you will only be charged for 1/4 the total invoice each month. The balance is held on your credit card and your credit card interest rates will not apply to the amount held. As long as you pay off the new charge each month, you can avoid interest and #beatthebank!

Please note, there is a 1.5% surcharge payable on each application.

Will this affect my credit score?

There is no impact on your credit score. Only the individual instalment charged each month will appear on your statement. If one payment is declined, there is still no impact on your credit rating. QuickFee Instalments is 100% credit risk free.