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BL – Student 

Case and Results: Possession of Stolen Property – Section 10 Dismissed Completely  

“I had a case that was very last minute (hearing was the following day). Mum and I decided to contact Powerhouse law and was recommended to Chadi. Chadi professionalism and talent shined through while dealing with my case. Despite everything being last minute and in such short notice, he was able to help me gather all documentation and provide me advice required for my case which lead to the best possible outcome for any person being convicted of a criminal offence. I felt that He genuinely wanted to help me the best that he could with the limited time we had to prepare and present my case to the court. I definitely would recommend to anyone. I am really thankful to have him to deal with my case. Thanks again Chadi 🙂


AA – Business Owner

Case and Results: Speed over 30km/h – Licence Suspension Appeal Allowed

“Having just concluded a matter for which I had retained Mr. Oscar Chidiac , I feel as though I’d like to share my experience.…..From the beginning, Oscar was professional, efficient and exceedingly diligent. He appeared to me to be extremely knowledgeable about the legal issues and demonstrated excellent communication skills. At the same time he was also very supportive. Oscar is very well versed in law and I found him to be an honest and caring individual. He explained everything clearly with respect to my Traffic matter and at no time were any questions or concerns left unanswered. On numerous occasions Oscar accepted phone calls from me coupled with our consultations which were invaluable to the case. I was looking at a license suspension for 3 months for exceeding the speed limit by more than 30 km/h however the magistrate varied this penalty to 2 weeks. Thanks again Oscar. I am confident that I made the right decision having Oscar represent me and I sincerely recommend anyone seeking legal assistance consider Powerhouse Law.”  


KC – Business Owner

Case and Results: Assault (Domestic Violence) – Section 10 Dismissed Conditionally

“I want to thank Mr Chadi Irani for presenting my case in the best possible way. The Magistrate was very impressed when she said “this is how a plea should be done”. I could not believe it, he got me a Section 10 discharge which meant I would not have a criminal record against me. This was very important for me to travel overseas for my business and to earn a living.”  


AD – Human Resources

Case and Results: Assault and Refuse to Comply with Police – Section 10 Dismissed Conditionally

“I have recently had the pleasure to work alongside the Powerhouse Law team and in particular Senior Partner Oscar Chidiac. I can confidently recommend Oscar (and by extension the Powerhouse Law team) if you are in the market for a result oriented solicitor who will endeavour to do the best by you and obtain the best results possible.”  


DP – Project Manager  

Case and Results: Damage Property $10,000 – Section 10 Dismissed Conditionally

“I went to another lawyer who worked for a big firm in the city and didn’t get the result I wanted. Then I saw Chadi who took on my case and did an appeal before the Judge at the district court. Chadi was honest and upfront and spent hours preparing the case with me and my family. On the day at court I was very nervous but Chadi was able to calm me down and help me understand what was happening. I was amazed with how he spoke to the Judge and persuaded him to give me a section 10. I couldn’t believe it and was so happy with the result.

I would strongly recommend Chadi to represent you in any legal matter.” 


IE – Service Provider

Case and Result: Sexual Assault – Jury Trial – Acquitted

“I had 9 charges of sexual assault against me. It was horrible allegations fabricated by my ex-partner and her daughter. Chadi Irani took my case and allocated a Barrister for me. He worked very hard and spent days preparing my case before the Jury in Sydney District Court. Chadi and the Barrister formed a very strong team and after 12 long days at the trial, we won the case. Chadi was very understanding, supportive and took the time to listen.

Thank you Chadi for helping me, I am forever grateful”.  


PK – Government Service Provider

Case and Result: Assault – Charges Dismissed

“I want to express my thanks to Chadi and the team at Powerhouse law. I was facing a serious charge of assault based on allegations by a witness who was clearly hostile towards me but who very cleverly presented a seamless account of my alleged crime. The prosecution were unremitting in their pursuit of a conviction. This is where the skill and dedication of Chadi came to the fore. Chadi very capablly and methodically cross examined the so called eye witness’s story, countered the prosecution’s arguments and showed the flaws in the story to the magistrate, leading to a finding of not guilty. I am very grateful to Chadi for turning it around and winning. The team at Powerhouse law helped me through the legal process, attending court and subpoenaing evidence, and gave me confidence due to their strong advocacy on my behalf. Thanks again Chadi and team”  


MG – Manager

Case and Results: Assault (Domestic Violence) and Damage Property – Section 10 Charges Dismissed Conditionally

“I pleaded not guilty and had no lawyer for my case but I saw Chadi win a hearing before in court so I approached him for his card. Chadi then happily defended me at my hearing against false charges which were made up by my ex-partner. Chadi prepared the case for me, he spent hours giving me legal advice and then appeared for me at the hearing with so much passion and strength that blew the prosecution away. He won the hearing and I was found not guilty! It was such a happy day for me!

I want to thank you Chadi for being there for me in this difficult time and for believing in me. I strongly recommend you to anyone who is in similar circumstances. Thank you”.  


AJ – Hairdresser

Case and Result: Drivers Licence Suspension Appeal – Speed over 30km/h – Discharged Conditionally

“I would like to thank the team at Powerhouse Law for helping me win my licence back, especially my Solicitor Oscar Chidiac. I would highly recommend their professional, friendly and efficient service to anyone needing legal help or advice…they showed high professional standards and what they said will happen, actually happened! 10/10 service”.  


NR – Builder

Case and Result: District Court Appeal for Drive While Suspended – Discharged Conditionally

“It was a comfortable experience working with my lawyer Chadi and his team at Powerhouse Law. They all showed me great confidence and guidance with my case. My case was a hard one, but Chadi was always keen to help me achieve the best result possible. He worked hard before the Judge and got the Section 10 and I was able to drive again. The service and communication was outstanding and I would recommend Chadi to anyone that needs help.

Great job! Thank you again for all your hard work.”    


DM – Carpenter

Case and Result: Drink Driving / DUI  – Discharged Conditionally

“I did not have a good record and was about to lose my drivers license, my trade and my home. At the sentencing court, we had a very tough Magistrate and everyone that asked for a section 10 was refused and was forced to hand over their drivers licence. Chadi advised me of how he would help improve my case and at court he did a brilliant job for me. We got the section 10. I was very happy and kept my licence and my job which was the most important thing for me. Thank you Chadi.”  


EZ – Taxi Driver

Case and Result: Traffic Offences  – Discharged Conditionally

“I faced an eight month suspension of my drivers licence and was so worried I was going to lose my only source of income. Chadi came to my rescue and fought well for me and we won the case! I strongly recommend him – great job Chadi.”  


DK – Social Worker

Case and Result: Assault (DV) x 2 – District Court Appeal  – Discharged Conditionally

“I wish to express my gratitude to Chadi for winning my appeal at The Sydney Downing Center for common assault charges. I was the victim of a same sex domestic violence situation, stood up for my self to the abuser and suffered the consequences of my reactive behaviour. In the laws eyes, I was the criminal and bad person but I stood to appeal as a criminal record would have meant death row for me with my employment and my general well-being. I was given a section 10, no criminal record and no bond. Mr. Irani displayed high professionalism, empathy, understanding, comfort, tact and a winning attitude. I had a good feeling from the moment I met him that he would fight for me, and would not take no as a final answer in his approach on the stand in front of the Judge. I would recommend Mr. Irani to everyone and know that if I ever needed him he would get me the result I deserve!”  


BH – Business Owner

Case and Result: Disobey Police Officer  – Dismissed

“I cannot express how happy I am with the professional service you provided. The effort you put into the case is far more than I expected. On the hearing date you showed great detail of preparation and your presentation was excellent – straight to key points with tactics. In your powerful hands, the complicated case, with 2 senior police officers as witnesses and a harsh judge, you led to a win! Great Job.”  


AP – Accounts Manager

Case and Result: Mid Range Drink Driving  – Discharged Conditionally

“Chadi was excellent in helping me through a difficult situation when I lost my license for six months for mid range drink driving offence. It was hard for me because I needed to drive for work and I would have lost my job. Chadi was very helpful and won me my license back which I am very grateful for. Thank you Chadi!”  


AD – Manager

Case and Result: Drive Unlicensed  – Discharged Conditionally

“I made a mistake driving without a valid licence and I needed help at court. Chadi took the time to listen to me and presented a very strong case to the Magistrate. I got a Section 10 without a bond. I was amazed. I then went straight to the RTA and got my licence back. Thank you Chadi for helping me. I can now drive again!”  


MD – Labourer

Case and Result: Assault Occasioning Actual Bodily Harm & Breach AVO – Good Behaviour Bond

“The team at Powerhouse Law have changed my life! Chadi was my lawyer throughout the entire case and he fought very hard for me in court. I was given a good behaviour bond instead of being sent to full time gaol thanks to his great work. Chadi, my family and I thank you so much for all you have done for us.”  


AC – Nurse

Case and Result: Low Range Drink Driving  – Discharged Conditionally

“I was going to lose my licence and it was a very stressful time because I’m a sole parent and needed my license for work and my children. Thank you Chadi for getting me out of this dilemma. Your service was great and you showed me that you actually cared.”  


AK – Delivery Driver

Case and Result: Speeding  – Dismissed

“I was wrongly fined for speeding and was going to lose my license. As a delivery driver, no license meant I couldn’t work. With a young family to support, this wasn’t an option. Chadi fought the case in court and won! Great work mate, I’m so grateful. Highly recommended!”        


Happy Clients

BH – Business Owner

I cannot express how happy I am with the professional service you provided. The effort you put into the case…

AP – Account Manager

Chadi was excellent in helping me through a difficult situation when I lost my license […]